Can You Speak Ahimsa?

Can You Speak Ahimsa?

For me, language and speech are utterly amazing. Regularly, I find it difficult to anticipate how even the most casual talk will turn out. And why should that surprise anyone? When we speak, what we say is often charged  with subtle emotion. Or freighted with nuanced meanings tinged with the shades of our personal history and conditioning.  In speaking, even best friends can easily misunderstand each other’s friendliest intentions.

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Kind Speech

Try Kind Speech, Benefit Yourself and Others

“You should benefit self and others alike.”
~~Dogen Zenji, Bodhisattvas Four Methods of Guidance

Often, when I find myself with too much work, or when I’m feeling under appreciated, or fatigued, or otherwise stressed, I notice that my mind, as if on auto-pilot, has dialed in one of my most habitual internal channels.  I call it, Negative Self-Talk Radio.  If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you know it from personal experience. This is the channel in the mind that’s non-stop blaming and nagging, with nearly never a commercial interruption.  However, we can always tune in to Kind Speech!

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