warming fire

Turning Positive States to Lasting Traits

The earliest teachings of the Buddha encourage us to turn our minds toward thoughts of loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity. These teachings also invite us to generate thoughts focused on the Buddha’s admirable qualities. And, they urge us to rest our attention, from time to time, in thoughts focused on our own acts of generosity, kindness, and good will. The teachings insist that if we do so, we will discover lasting benefits in health and social harmony. We’ll create lasting positive traits that support own happiness and the happiness of others.

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Healing Water Insiration

Inspiration, Can We Make A Better World?

Every now and then someone shows me I can really open my heart.  From my point of view, it’s wonderful and totally necessary to meet people who can inspire love in my life. Thinking about such inspiring people gives me the lift I need whenever I get a bit discouraged or when I try to improve even just my little piece of the world. I know I can always use some inspiration from life’s down-to-earth doers, from the true lovers of the world.

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