Non Violence

Speaking Peace Nonviolence

Speaking Peace, Non-Violence

Techniques to De-Escalate Anger, Verbal Violence, and Conflict

For the past two days I attended an Alternatives to Violence Project workshop in Cambridge.  Four facilitators and twenty-one participants gathered for the AVP workshop at the Friends Meeting House. I think we all grew in the practices of speaking peace and non-violence.  At least I know that is true for me.

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Anger is an important, extremely unpleasant, powerful, and often destructive energy. Personally, any time I feel it, I immediately know that something I’m deeply attached to is at stake. When I feel antagonized or emotionally chafed I know that I’m clinging to some opinion or idea I hold dear in the moment.  When I find myself boiling with resentment, that uncomfortable roiling around my heart prompts me to identify my personal boundaries and tells me I expect they’re about to be crossed.  This kind of informative clarity might be called anger’s upside.

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Nonviolence, All Beings Love Life

This week, I hoped to write a post on meeting the violence and injustice in our world with the warmth and light of our goodness and love.  I wanted to talk about nonviolence,  but the Sweeping Heart Zen application for tax exempt status with the IRS got in the way.

The Dhammapada and Nonviolence

What I can do is share this key passage on letting go of harming others from a collection of the Buddha’s sayings known as the Dhammapada.  It has given meditation practitioners and yogis plenty to reflect on and live by for thousands of years. Continue reading Nonviolence, All Beings Love Life