Summer Practice Period

Sweeping Heart Zen Summer Practice Period

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Date(s) - 07/08/2018
All Day


Sweeping Heart Zen’s Summer Practice Period begins on Saturday, June 23, 2018, and continues through Saturday, August 18, 2018.

Everyone is welcome to join with us for Summer Practice Period.

What is Practice Period or Ango?

Practice Period or Ango“peaceful dwelling”—traces its history to the earliest days of the sangha. Each year, as the monsoon began in India, the community would gather for an extended and intensified period of practice.

Practice Period is a longstanding  Zen Buddhist tradition. It is a special time when practitioners make personal and collective commitments to add to their practice activities as they are able.

During the Practice Period one might explore:

  • sitting more regularly or for longer periods
  • practicing mindfulness more consistently
  • giving more in whatever way
  • taking note of the giving and good one does already
  • noticing beauty, goodness, or love more often
  • saying “thank you” more often
  • growing and strengthening patience and compassion
  • reading and studying the Dharma more

Is there a fee for joining the Practice Period?

There is no fee to join the Summer Practice Period.  However, there is a suggested donation for the Summer Practice Period Book Club and for each Saturday Day of Practice at the beginning and end of the  practice period.

We ask that you send an rsvp to for each event, so please remember to rsvp for any event you would like to attend. Rsvp information can be found for each event on the calendar of events with each listing.

Please note, that Sweeping Heart Zen is entirely dependent upon the donations of members, practitioners, and friends.  So if you are participating in the Practice Period and are able to make a donation, your generosity and support will be deeply appreciated.

How do I join the Summer Practice Period?

Please read the guidelines below and consider the intentions you’d like to make during the Practice Period, then fill out the Sweeping Heart Zen Summer Practice Period Intention Form and email it to Mark Nelson at   Please type “Practice Period” in the subject line.

The deadline for the Practice Period Intention Form is Friday, June 22, 2018.

Guidelines For North Shore Massachusetts Participants: 

For participants who are able to attend SHZ events in Gloucester, we ask you to make a special effort to come to as many of Sweeping Heart Zen’s scheduled events as possible during the Practice Period.

Personal Commitment

Finally, we ask each member of the Practice Period, whether living on the North Shore or at a distance to make a personal commitment to intensify his or her practice in whatever way possible. This might include additional sitting at home, more study or reading, work on a particular practice theme in your daily life, or some appropriate personal change in lifestyle. The details will differ from person to person.

Practice Period Intention Form

Please copy this form and paste it into an email, complete and send  to Mark Nelson at Type “Practice Period” in the subject line. The information you provide is confidential.

Completing this form thoughtfully and seriously may help each participant to carefully consider their intentions and  commitments.

Everyone who wants to participate in the Practice Period must complete this intention form and return it by Friday, June 22. The sooner you return the intention form, the better.

Very Important: Please remember to rsvp separately for the events you will be attending. Your Practice Period Intention Form does not enroll you in any Practice Period events. 

Sweeping Heart Zen Summer Practice Period Intention Form


What intention brings you to participate in this Practice Period?

What theme or issue do you intend to focus on during this Practice Period?

Events (if any) you will attend during the Practice Period:

Personal commitments to intensify your practice:

Any other comments you’d like to add:

To be able to practice together is a priceless opportunity.  I look forward to sharing practice during this summer practice period.