Sweeping Heart Zen: Meditation in Action

Sweeping Heart Zen shares the Buddha’s liberating teachings on meditation, mindfulness, and compassion with the world. We call our way of practice “mindfulness in action.” In fact, mindfulness in action, or meditation in action is Zen.

The Buddha described his teachings as, “…visible here and now, immediate…, to be experienced by the wise for themselves.” That is, he invited everyone to inspect, test, and experience his teachings for themselves.  In my view, the Buddha did not offer his teachings as dogmas, but as techniques to be tested. Consequently,  at SHZ we are practical, experiential, broad minded, and nonsectarian.

In our day, we all know that people are just as likely to find guidance from great teachers like Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chodron, or Norman Fischer as they are to find inspiration from the Buddha or Rumi.  Given this, we are open to many teachers and traditions at Sweeping Heart Zen.  Though we practice Zen Buddhism, we do not cling to Zen or to any one teacher’s view of what Buddhism might be.

Meditation in Action

Sweeping Heart Zen does multifaceted work. At the present time, this work includes: teachings, talks, book club style discussions, weekly meditation gatherings, chanting services, and retreats. Additionally, SHZ occasionally offers innovative uses of Yoga theory and movement, including Laughter Yoga and other mindfulness practices to reduce worry, anxiety, and fear.  Please check the calendar on this site for our daily and weekly offerings. sweepingheartzen.org/events/

An important part of practice at SHZ is deepening our understanding of nonviolent communication and deep listening. Every Sunday morning, our sangha gathers for meditation and the practice of Dharma discussion.  We consider this a time when we explicitly practice creating harmony in our sangha.  During our Dharma discussion time, participants talk about the joys and challenges we each experience in practice. Furthermore, we support each other during this time as we commit to opening our hearts to each other through compassionate listening and through offering each other encouragement and understanding.

In addition to the above, from time-to-time SHZ has done prison meditation work, and meditation and mindfulness trainings with the staff and clients of community based organizations, as well as meal offerings in local community food programs.


The Sweeping Heart Zen website provides teachings and information about our various activities. In addition, the Reverend Daishin Mark Nelson writes a blog here. sweepingheartzen.org/daishin-mark-nelson/

Soto Zen Buddhist Association

SHZ is a member of the Soto Zen Buddhist Association. szba.org/centers/sweeping-heart-zen/http://szba.org/centers/sweeping-heart-zen/

Sweeping Heart Zen is Tax Exempt

Sweeping Heart Zen is 501(c)(3) tax exempt religious organization. Therefore, members, donors and contributors can deduct dues and other contributions to SHZ under IRC Section 170.  SHZ is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devices, transfers or gifts under IRC Sections 2055, 2106, or 2522.